Car Accident Blue Springs MO Today – The Blue Springs Police Department is now conducting an investigation into an accident that occurred yesterday evening at about 8:10 p.m. and involved a single car and resulted in a fatality. The crash happened on Woods Chapel, which is located quite near Interstate 70. We are withholding disclosure of the victim’s name at this time until we ensure that every member of the victim’s family has been informed of the situation.

Unfortuitously, both my daughter, who is six years old and I were present to witness it. I’ve been to some very horrific accident scenes in my time, but this one takes the cake. I’m happy to see that people responded so quickly and offered their support. Because there are some things that young eyes shouldn’t be exposed to, I was filled with fear, and I was unable to move, so I had to pull my daughter away from the scene before I passed out from the experience.

There is no question that I will pray for the family. This is not news to me at all. It was the one thing in my entire life that was worse than anything else that I had ever experienced. It is only possible for this car to have been moving at such a breakneck pace for it to have ended up in such a precarious position.

It had suffered such severe damage that it could no longer be identified. We are keeping this person’s family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. So sad. We lift up the family and friends of the victim in our prayers.

I had just gotten off Interstate 70 a few short minutes before it happened, and I was just about to cross the bridge again when I saw it happen a little less than five minutes after I had left the interstate. What a revolting idea!