Billy Harron Obituary, Creston Firefighter Has Passed Away

Billy Harron Obituary, Death – Billy Harron was not only someone who lived in Creston but also someone who worked for the fire department alongside him. Because we are going to miss him so very much, we must say our goodbyes to him with sad hearts because it is time for us to say goodbye.

This picture of Billy is one of our faves of him because it catches him in a way that is so true to his genuine appearance, and it also happens to be one of our favorites. Since the year 2013, he has been working with Creston Fire in a variety of roles, including the role of Fire Marshall. Over the course of this period, he has been accountable for a wide range of tasks.

He considered the job of arranging fire safety week for the schools in our district to be rather fun on a constant basis. This was due to the fact that he was in charge of organizing the event. This was due to the fact that he was in charge of taking responsibility for ensuring that the pledge was kept. His devoted daughter may be seen regularly helping out at the Creston Fire Department, where he has been an essential member for the past two decades and where she also volunteers some of her time.

This is a place where she is very dedicated. The division wishes to express its appreciation to both of them for their contributions. We are fortunate not just to have Billy in our life as a brother but also as a friend, and we are appreciative to him for the service that he has offered to Creston Fire and to our town. In addition, we are thankful to him for the friendship that he has given to all of us. You are going to be much missed in every conceivable manner after your departure.

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