Betty Edwards Obituary, Resident Of Havelock Had Sadly Passed Away

Betty Edwards Obituary Death – Betty Jean Edwards, who had reached the age of 61 when she passed away, was taken to the Carolina East Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, before she passed away on May 9, 2023. Before Betty Jean Edwards passed away, she was carried to the hospital. Betty Jean Edwards had spent the preceding 61 years of her life living in Charlotte.

The last part of Betty Jean Edwards’s life story had reached its conclusion. It was discovered at that location that she had passed away previous to their arrival there. She had been fighting cancer for a considerable amount of time and was using every effort within her power to put up a fight against the sickness.

The services will be carried out with the highest level of confidentiality that is humanly possible being maintained at all times, and this will be done throughout the entire process. Betty was a devoted follower of her television series, particularly NCIS and Perry Mason, and she had been a resident of Havelock for a significant amount of time at that point.

She amassed a wide variety of trinkets and trinket boxes over the course of her life, devoting a significant portion of her time and energy to the pursuit of collecting said items. She did this so that she wouldn’t lose any of her memories. In addition to everything else, she had a great deal of regard for…

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