Ava Barry Obituary, Ava Barry Has Sadly Passed Away

Ava Barry Obituary, Death – Ava Barry, whose mother Vera Twomey fought for a long time to gain her daughter access to medicinal cannabis as a therapy for a severe form of epilepsy that caused her to suffer seizures every day, passed away recently. Her mother was one of the people who fought for Ava Barry’s access to medicinal cannabis. It was her mother who was in charge of making the attempt.

The young woman, who had Dravet Syndrome and was 13 years old, passed away on Friday in the company of her family in a hospital in Cork. Her passing occurred in the presence of her family. She was checked into the hospital following a recent battle with illness, which led to her admission.

Ava was able to legally consume cannabis for medicinal reasons in 2017 after obtaining a license to do so from Simon Harris, who was serving as Minister of Health at the time. Ava was granted permission to do so by the government.

In attempt to raise attention to the situation her daughter was in, Ms. Twomey, who was originally from Aghabullogue, had previously made two excursions on foot from Cork to Leinster House in Dublin. Her illness had previously been so serious that it had caused cardiac arrest and a coma that lasted for a total of eight days. During this time, she had remained unconscious.


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