Anna Gavel Obituary, Newbury, Massachusetts Lady Has Died

 Anna Gavel Obituary, Death  We met in high school in our total fever dream of a marine biology class (which we still refer to and giggle about), but you became my best buddy at Sun Fun. I’m not sure what we fought about, but we flipped each other off in the most theatrical way possible, you drove away, contacted me, we apologized, and you asked if I wanted to have a sleepover.

A remarkable start to a friendship I had longed for my entire life. You pushed me out of my comfort zone in the most positive way possible. I was so structured and on a schedule, but you’d simply show up with some adventure you wanted to go on and tell me to be ready in 20 minutes. I was drawn to your spirit of adventure, but it was your warmth, grin, and charming strangeness that made me fall in love with you.

You were unafraid. You were an inspiration. You were as posh as heck. You were obsessed with your nails and lashes, and I can’t stop giggling when I see you in your Gucci sunglasses. Your life had so many facets to it; you accomplished so much while still making time for each and every person in your life, and every day was a celebration.

Your goals and dreams were limitless, but your most cherished fantasy was of “a really nice guy with a beard and a truck.” On March 24, 2017, you said those identical words, and my mother responded, “Easy, Ryan Carney.” You had your sights set on that man, and once you had him, we knew you wouldn’t let him go. Ryan, I can’t tell you how much Mom adored you. You were her world, her family, and her genuine love.

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