Andrea Gernack Obituary, Two Killed In Orangeville, Ontario Car Accident

Andrea Gernack Obituary, Death – Andrea Gernack was among the two people killed in Orangeville, Ontario fatal car accident. You always referred to me as your riding companion after we parted ways. I could recall all the beautiful moments forever since there have been so many of them.

For the past three years, you have called me on your way to work every morning because you needed someone to listen to you talk and because you knew I would always pick up the phone. I tried to call you four times on Friday morning, but you didn’t answer, so I knew something wasn’t right. I was terrified when I realized what had transpired. You always told me you loved me, and I always told you I loved you too, so I brought your child to you and did everything I could to make sure she was safe.

I took all precautions I could to keep her safe. More than just friends, we became close. She grinned broadly and her face lit up as she mentioned you. I’m hurt by the sight of your rare pure-gold heart. I was aware of the problem. She never picked up the phone; she much preferred to text. Nevertheless, I texted her with the words “CALL ME RIGHT AWAY” in big and all caps.

My wife let me know that she was also involved not long after the crash. Just a few days ago, when we last spoke, I told her, “I love you, drive safely.” Jamie and I last spoke in March. We clinked glasses because it had been a while since we had seen each other after I brought him a drink. They both have an impact. They made a positive difference in other people’s lives, and it is deeply regrettable that they lost so many friends and family members.

I’m so devastated and heartbroken that I’m crying right now alongside a lot of other people. She was a skilled motorcycle rider, truck driver, and pilot. I’m speaking to my close buddy Andrea. She enjoys Billy Joel’s song “She’s Always a Woman to Me,” but she feels that she has always been a lady. I used to look at this photograph of the two of us when she called; it was one of our favorite photos. She will hear my call when I make it. Jamie, one of the most giving DJs in the world, has been welcomed to Heaven, where, like you, your musical legacy honors everything you’ve accomplished here.

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