Alvin Brown Obituary, Alvin Brown Has Sadly Passed Away

Alvin Brown Obituary, Death – Alvin Brown Has Sadly Passed Away. The names of a husband and woman who were both killed in a crash the previous week in Dillon County have been made public by the coroner’s office in that county. The collision took place in Dillon County. The crash occurred in Dillon County, South Carolina. According to Cpl. Tyler Tidwell of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the collision took occurred on Friday evening in the area of Highway 301 and Kentyre Road, which is situated in close proximity to the Little Pee Dee River. Cpl.

Tidwell stated that the area was in the neighborhood of the intersection of Highway 301 and Kentyre Road. According to Corporal Tidwell, the crash site was situated in close proximity to the river. Corporal Tidwell claims that the spot can be identified in the immediate vicinity of the river. According to Tidwell, a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder was driving on the highway in a northerly direction when it veered off the right side of the road and then overcorrected. The accident occurred as a result.

The occurrence of the accident was a direct and immediate result of this. After that, the vehicle went over the dividing line that had been drawn on the road, and then it started to slip to the right before it hit an embankment and came to a halt there. Donnie Grimsley, the coroner for Dillon County, stated that Alvin Brown, age 35, and Sharesse Brown, age 28, both of whom lived in Dillon County, were brought to the hospital, where they unexpectedly passed away a short time later.

Both of the Browns were inhabitants of Dillon County. It was discovered that both members of the Brown family had been residing in Dillon County. The Browns spent their entire life in Dillon County, where the county is located. According to him, the accident was the key factor that led to the deaths of the two people, both of whom passed away as a result of drowning as a consequence of their passing.

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