Ally Michelle Hooten Obituary, A Student At Tarleton State University Has Died

Ally Michelle Hooten Obituary, Death – Ally Michelle Hooten of Lavon, Texas has sadly passed away. Alison studied at Tarleton State University and Wylie Preparatory Academy. Pickering, Abby You have the most lovely soul I have ever encountered. Nobody could ever dim the light you radiated, under any circumstances.

You were like a second family to me. You reached out to me when we were through the same thing and never left my side. You were accessible whenever I wanted to speak, and all I had to do was dial your number. You continue to offer without expecting anything in return. Your energy made you contagious to those around you. Your kindness, smile, and laughter spread like wildfire. You were so many things—irrational, extroverted, giving, passionate, loving, loud, cheerful, funny, etc.

With the countless memories we’ve made playing games at your family’s kitchen table, hanging out with our friends upstairs, going on double dates, going to the beach, me breaking into your house and robbing your pantry and refrigerator, or just driving around while listening to music. You gave me an example of what it meant to love a sister.

I’ll always be appreciative to you for providing me with all of my present friends. Even when the outcomes weren’t what we wanted, you are still giving. You merely use your organs to save at least 12 lives in order to maintain your light in this world. There was an unbelievable amount of prayer and desire because of how much you gave to everyone around you, but it was just who you were. I’m very appreciative that you had an impact on my life in addition to so many others. You fought bravely and with strength. You’ll never have your light shut off. Alison, You have my unwavering love, Grace. I’m sure you’ll be watching everyone now that you’ve had the opportunity to meet Aly.

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