Alex York Car Accident, Colorado, Alex York Was Killed In A Fatal Crash

Alex York Accident, Death – The cause of the crash is still under investigation. We now know what caused the terrible car accident that occurred in York County last autumn and resulted in the deaths of three boys who were 16 years old. 10 On Your Side was able to obtain a copy of the report that the Virginia State Police wrote about the accident.

According to the report, the incident was caused by the driver’s excessive speed, their lack of experience, and their unfamiliarity with the location. On that day, October 26, 2019, the accident took place. According to the report filed by the state police, the night was clear, and there was no rain or moisture on the roadways. Three close friends left the homecoming dance held at Tabb High School at approximately 10:00 p.m. and traveled east on Yorktown Road. They were less than a mile away from the school when they reached a curve in the road. Someone who lived in the area heard the collision and dialed 911.

The BMW vehicle from 2015 had flipped over around 11 feet away from the road when the cops arrived. The vehicle had collided with a number of big trees. It was determined that all three of the lads had passed away at the scene of the accident. They were the driver, Naile Tariov, and passengers, Logan Koontz and Conner Guido. According to the report, everybody was fastening their seatbelts. The airbags all went off, but the level of protection they provided was insufficient to withstand the impact.

According to the investigation, the motorist, Tariov, was traveling 65 to 70 miles per hour in a zone where the speed limit was 40. Tariov also didn’t have a legitimate driver’s license, just a learner’s permit. According to the report, he had recently moved to York County and was most likely unfamiliar with the local roadways. Therefore, when he came across the curve on the unlit route while driving too quickly, it is possible that he was caught off guard, and did not have the time to respond. In a very short amount of time, three people’s lives were cut short, and their families were left to grieve their loss.

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