Aidan Power Obituary, Member Of Galway Lawn Tennis Club Had Sadly Passed Away

Aidan Power Obituary Death – You and the rest of the community have our deepest condolences on the loss of Aidan Power, who was a fantastic friend and fellow community member. He passed away recently.Aidan was an avid squash player who played for both our club and Connacht in a broad variety of competitions throughout the course of his career. He represented both organizations in a number of different events.

He was a Connacht player and a part of the team. Aidan volunteered his time to serve in a variety of positions, including as a member of the committee and as our Squash Captain. He did this for a number of different terms. He was able to be found lending a hand at any competition, from the Juniors all the way up to the Masters, and he did so always with a nice smile, some sound advice, and words of encouragement.

This was true no matter what level the competition was at. At this company, each and every one of us is going to miss him tremendously.Cathriona, Aidan’s wife, and their children Fiona, Ciara, and Thomas, as well as the rest of Aidan’s family and the many friends he leaves behind, have our deepest condolences. We extend these condolences to the rest of Aidan’s family as well.

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