Accident on 495 MD Today, State trooper injured in highway work zone area crash

Accident on 495 MD – In the early hours of Monday morning, a Maryland State Trooper sustained injuries after being rear-ended by a vehicle that was suspected of being inebriated. The incident occurred in a highway maintenance zone on Interstate 495 in Montgomery County.

According to the Maryland State Police, at approximately 4:30 in the morning, a trooper was struck from behind while he was driving his vehicle in a highway construction zone. In order to receive care for his injuries, which did not pose a threat to his life, he was sent to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

The investigation that was conducted by the police concluded that a white Mercedes-Benz SUV was the one responsible for entering the construction zone and colliding with the back of the patrol car. Anthony Bowser, age 31, a resident of Washington, District of Columbia, has been identified as the driver of a white Mercedes SUV. Bowser was taken to Suburban Hospital in a medical transport. The filing of charges has been postponed awaiting the conclusion of the investigation and discussion with the office of the State’s Attorney for Montgomery County.

An accident investigation team from the Maryland State Police has arrived at the scene to begin their investigation. Because of the closure of many lanes on the inner loop of I-495, motorists are being encouraged to avoid the area and choose an alternate route.

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