Aaron Manfredi Obituary, Las Vegas, GoFundMe Raised For Funeral Expenses

Aaron Manfredi Obituary, Death – I started this post yesterday night and have had trouble coming up with the perfect words. How can I express my friend’s sadness? How to capture a soul’s light before it is too late.
Many of you are aware that our beloved friend Kristi Weidauer is experiencing a heartbreaking loss. While on vacation in Mexico, Aaron Manfredi went away abruptly after a heart attack.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt terrible for her, their family, and our neighborhood. Aaron changed so many people’s lives, and he definitely left a legacy. To aid with the enormous expense they had to incur to bring our friend home, Aaron’s close friends have banded together to start a Go Fund Me page for Kristi and the kids. It will also assist with the family’s current unanticipated expenses as well as his memorial services.
Thank you in advance if you can contribute. Thank you for sharing this if you know of anyone who can use it.
Thank you if all you can do is hold them in your hearts.

As he did for so many others, Aaron would want us to all watch out for and take care of his family. Awaken in peace. Aaron, We pledge to look after them. As some of you may be aware, while traveling abroad with his cherished partner Kristi, our dear buddy Aaron Manfredi unexpectedly went away. Aaron was a soldier, a devoted member of the Las Vegas community, and a friend to everybody. He was a devoted supporter of nonprofit organizations, a proud UNLV graduate, a political candidate, and a company owner. Numerous friends and family members are shocked and devastated by his departure, leaving them inconsolable in their sorrow.

Kristi and his family are in need of assistance today because Aaron dedicated his personal and professional life to assisting others. Aside from the enormous unanticipated costs for the memorial, last expenses, and other connected charges, the medical, transportation, and other costs to get Aaron back to the United States have been astonishing.

On Saturday, May 20, Aaron will have a celebration of his life and a memorial service. We hope you can all go to honor Aaron and show Kristi and their family that you care. We kindly request that the people of Raton, New Mexico, and Las Vegas band together provide Kristi and their family with financial support at this difficult time. I appreciate your help and generosity so much. He cherished every one of you as much as his own siblings, parents, mother, and brothers.

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