A Large, Restored Frank Lloyd Wright Residence Is For Sale

The legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is known for designing some of the most spacious mansions that have ever been built, and one of those homes is presently available for purchase, with the asking price being $8 million.On a plot of land that is 1.5 acres in size, the palatial home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has been given the name Westhope and measures 10,000 square feet, is located.

The house was designed by Wright in 1929 for his cousin Richard Lloyd Jones, who at the time of the commission was employed as the publisher of the Tulsa Tribune. Wright received the contract in 1929. The property wasn’t added on the National Register of Historic Places until 1972 after it had already been there for a decade. The extensive home that is made of concrete and glass reportedly went through a restoration project that lasted for two years and includes mending its front, modernizing the kitchen, getting rid of carpeted flooring, and restoring the pool and grounds.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the property is now available for purchase after having through the restoration. In addition to that, all of the kitchen’s appliances were brought up to date. The outside of the building is covered in stacks of patterned concrete blocks, which are now known as Wright’s “textile block” building technique. The house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition, there are 5,200 panes of glass, which makes it possible to have apartments that are drenched in natural light and offer views of the natural scenery in the vicinity.

The sale of the property will include some of the original wooden furniture that came with the house. On the inside is a spacious open floor plan that is bright and airy, and there are five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

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